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Written by Andy Pitt on 19. Jul, 2022

I am fixture secretary for newly formed Wombourne All Stars FC that are playing next season in the West Midlands League Division 2.

When I was secretary for AFC Wombourne FC many years ago, we took part in the JW Hunt cup and thoroughly enjoyed it.

Unfortunately, I have been unable to find out what level our new club needs to play at in order to enter, I am hoping we are eligible as we would definitely like to enter if possible.

Perhaps someone could get back to me with eligibility details, and if we are eligible, details of how to enter our team.

Thank you for your time on this matter.

Written by alexhamil on 1. Jul, 2022

Thursday July 7 th is the AGM of the J W HUNT CUP, at Fordhouse's Cricket Club, 7-30pm , with a general meeting , after the AGM, could I thank you all for your hard work in getting us through the COVID and season 2021--22, it was essential we regrouped and made a success of last season , which we DID, well done to all , Alex

Written by Alex Hamil on 1. May, 2022

Hunt Cup Meeting this Thursday , MAY 5 th 7--30 pm at Fordhouses Cricket Club, Wobaston Rd, THE FINAL , to be sorted out , LYE TOWN V BOLDMERE ST MICHAELS, hope you can make it Alex

Written by Alex Hamil on 10. Mar, 2022

Now we have the four Teams into the semi--finals, we now know we will have new names on both cups, a long time since this happened, The draw, Bewdley v Boldmere---Lye Town v Lichfield, Dates and venues to be confirmed, Alex Hamil

Written by Alex Hamil on 7. Feb, 2022

Good News, Jon and Tim Hunt have agreed to Sponsor the FINAL once again this year, as you know they are direct relations of our FOUNDER J, W, HUNT, and show a lot of interest in the Competition, Alex

Written by Alex Hamil MBE on 15. Dec, 2021

Update, the collection for the J W Hunt Cup and Beacon Centre For The Blind , organised by Sylvia Enefer, Friday Dec 10th at the CO - OP Codsall , Raised £610, 00 , a big thank you to Sylvia and all who helped, and the good people of CODSALL who supported us, well done, Alex Hamil, MBE, President

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