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Written by David Bridgwater on 7. Feb, 2013

Have just found the web site i played for Kingswinford United in both the winning side in 1979/80 and runners up in 1981/82. Sorry there are no photoes of Kingswinford United will have to see what we can do.

Written by Fred Green on 15. Aug, 2012

Written by Fred Green 15-8-2012.

I have recently found a photo of the Whitmore Youth Club side that won the Junior Hunt Cup in 1960. I cannot remember any details of the game or any previous rounds.

Keep up the good work.

Written by Ian Jeavons on 3. Apr, 2012

Me again! has a photo of the Cannon team in 1931 at a ground with a stand which could well be at a JW Hunt Cup final - they lost again that year.

Written by Ian Jeavons on 3. Apr, 2012

Just found the website after seeing the letter in the E&S. Great to find the background on the runners-up medal for the 1926-27 Cup Final that we still have in the family which belonged to my grandfather Tommy Hunscott.

Written by Steve Mills on 2. Apr, 2012

Ocker Hill played in this competition over many years now re-named Tipton Town, if anyone has any photo's or memories of them I would like to copy them for the book I am writing

Written by Graham Richards Sydney Australia. on 23. Jan, 2012

What a wondeful website. Brought back so many happy memories of my youth. Thanks Alex for guiding me to this sight.
May I wish you and your hard working team every good wish for the future.

Written by sam ellis on 13. Jan, 2012

Hey ! interesting reading from some interesting characters ,memories of old ,wish i was still involved ,but i was one day ,and wolverhampton had some of the best ,in ref's managers and players ,can't replace those memories ,good luck all ..Sammy Ellis

Written by WILF ELLIS on 12. Jan, 2012

Well done to you all j w hunt cup in putting together a great website I was lucky not just to play with and against but also referee some of the greatest amateur footballers

Written by Nes1983 on 2. Nov, 2011

Great stuff, wonder what happened to half the clubs listed? Reformation of some is long overdue..

Written by dai davies on 28. Oct, 2011

great site whitmore 1960 lovely memories past friends and players,keep up the good work. duo geof gutteridge and dai davies

Written by Karen Webb on 16. Jul, 2011

Just found picture of my dad Stewarts and Lloyds 1963/1964 gab picture is it possible to get a copy?

Written by Cathy Hordern on 5. Feb, 2011

Have just found my Grandad in the referee list, great to see his name in lights.

Written by jim cartwright on 7. Dec, 2010

Well done with the festive touch on the home page Tony. MERRY CHRISTMAS to you & all your readers

Written by Peter on 27. Oct, 2010

Nice webpage I just came across here!, many good fine and fun things here :-) Keep on the good work.

Written by Ted Gillott on 14. May, 2010

Its good to see the strengh of the Hunt Cup being carried forward my father George would be very proud of the good work you do