Report by Vice President Steve Gordos.

Report by Steve Gordos.

Walter Wakeman’s thirty years of service to local football was marked by a special presentation evening and a warm tribute from Wolves secretary Richard Skirrow.

“I have the utmost respect for everybody who is involved in amateur football,” Skirrow told those present at the Goodyear Pavilion to honour the former treasurer and secretary of the JW Hunt Cup competition.

“It is something to be regarded highly and something I applaud without reservation. That’s why it’s important to mark 30 years of service – Walter, congratulations!”

Wakeman has also been a stalwart official of the Wolverhampton Referees’ Association, one of the bodies, along with the Wolverhampton Sunday League, Wolverhampton Combination and the Bilston Youth Partnership League, who organised the evenign and presentation of an inscribed cut-glass decanter. 

Over the years the JW Hunt Cup has raised thousands of pounds to help the local blind and partially-sighted and Wakeman said “I don’t know what all the fuss is about. I have done no more than dozens of other people in the JW Hunt Cup who work tirelessly in raising money.

“The first final was in 1927, the year before I was born, we gave the Blind Institute, as the Beacon Centre was then known, just a few quid. Now, thanks to a lot more people than me, we are going into the £8,000 a year mark which we in the Hunt Cup are all very proud of.”